Saturday, December 8, 2007


Henry had a great day yesterday. We played endlessly with a dollhouse that included a mailbox and a mailman. Henry cut up paper into millions of microscopic pieces that we "mailed" to the various dolls around. It really occupied him, and as long as he was keeping the scissors far from his IV lines I was able to relax too. Don't think I didn't imagine how I'd have to explain that one to the nurse.

We had a small issue with his Hickman catheter (central line into his chest) migrating out a little bit. A chest Xray showed that placement was still good, and it sounds like it's not a big deal, just another thing to watch.

Most importantly, we are monitoring closely for Utz Honey BBQ potato chip toxicity, due to the fact that Henry ate 5 full bags yesterday. For those counting, each bag is 230 calories, so between the chips and the drinks he took in, I'm guessing we hit 1400 calories yesterday. I was thrilled. He's already downed a bag and a half today.


The above line is Henry's contribution to the post today. He's found the H button on the keyboard.

His methotrexate level has dropped low enough to begin the second half of chemo. I anticipate he'll begin feeling poorly once it starts if it mirrors our first cycle. Hopefully, the lows won't be as low. I think a lot of his misery the first time around was anxiety at being in the hospital and all of the stresses associated with that. He's taking all of that in stride this trip.

Bryan is on his way down this morning to stay for the night. Henry is excited to show him the train that is being set up in the lobby - I think we'll be making many trips to go see it.


Daddy said...

I had some much needed rest, but can't wait to see you guys. I love you both. See you soon Henry! Will you take me to see the train?

With Much Love,


Granya said...

Anna and Sophie didn't sleep well last night at Charley's house. Sophie had some respiratory issues so everyone in the house had sleepy eyes this morning.

We did make and eat cinnamon rolls and "slippery fish" soup.
Now they are napping and we anticipate a fun evening.

Have a good day - we enjoy having the girls with us.

Love, Granya

Granya said...


t said...

Henry. It was so nice to hear you doing so well! I especially liked talking on the phone with you. Can I call again?

Mr. Dumpe and I really enjoyed the pictures of you making gingerbread houses and the doctors dressing up as clowns. How silly! I bet you had a lot of fun that day!

Take care and enjoy your night with your daddy.

Love, Ms.T

Anonymous said...

Do you remember doing the waterslide with me last summer?
This is your cousin Cody and I hope you are feeling better soon. My Mom and I read about you and your Mom and Dad every day.
By the way, I like trains a lot too. I have a real train track near my house and I hear trains coming through a lot. They are really cool.
Love you,
Cody Herren