Sunday, December 9, 2007

Love 'em and hate em


We have a love-hate relationship.

Henry gets them to help with the nausea side effects of his chemo. And where last cycle he didn't eat at all on Day A (which was today), today he nibbled a bit, until dinner. Then he ate like I haven't seen him eat since the last time he was on steroids (directly after his surgery). He downed at least a cup of spaghetti with sauce, and ate a bit of ice cream after. He's already asking for more spaghetti for breakfast, this time with a side of pizza.

Steroids really boost the appetite.

They also jack you up, which was why he didn't sleep for Bryan last night (note my optimism, I haven't yet conceded tonight). And probably why he was so irrational today. It was like having a particularly angry two year old. Every 2 minutes he found something to argue over, and argue he did. Then he screamed. Then he hit and kicked. And it pretty much lasted the two minutes till there was something new to be ticked about.

So I'm glad the steroids are working.

But wow, the steroids are working.


Granya said...

Tara and Henry,

I hope you were able to sleep.

Love, Granya

t said...

Wow. Gotta love to see the spunk in him!

Keep on eating Henry!


Anonymous said...

Tara, I totally understand the love/hate relationship with those steroids. Hope you both were able to get a little bit of zzzzzs.