Friday, December 21, 2007

Chasing Henry

Today was a very busy day for our little Henry. He was feeling great and because he was drinking well, he was 'free' from the IV pole. He had to be hooked up only a couple of times for short duration for some antibiotics - but only if the nurse could catch up with us. Henry has learned to exploit any bit of freedom he receives in the hospital and while not afraid to venture out with the pole, without the pole he is downright difficult to keep up with. A welcome change to be sure.

We traveled the entire range of what we know of the hospital today, visiting the library, the lobby, and the oncology floor and spent a large part of our day in the PCRU playroom. He insisted on bringing his new Lightning McQueen suitcase everywhere and between that and his slippers, he generated a load of smiles. We had our run of all the toys and had them spread over the entire floor. We entertained the clowns again and danced to a singing bus. He ate puffy cheetos (cheese puffs) and pretzels, drank apple juice and fruit punch, and chased the nurses. He fell asleep easily at the end of the day and is resting peacefully next to me as I write this.

The nurse will draw blood in the middle of the night, it will be tested and provided the ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) is higher than 200 and he has no signs of infection, we're headed home tomorrow. If his ANC isn't quite high enough, we'll have to talk the staff into testing him again a little later versus waiting 24 hours. Either way, its looking good for Christmas. And best of all, he's feeling great.


t said...

Wow. Henry. Look at you! I am so thrilled that you are feeling so well. I pray that you come home tomorrow and I bet Santa will visit your house real soon! You, Anna and Sophie deserve it.

Keep on crucking!

Love, Ms. T

Anonymous said...

We're praying that you get to go home tomorrow, Henry! We'll also pray for a good night's sleep for both of you. Christmas blessings to the Scheck family -- you are truly an inspiration. =)

love from Wichita, KS

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the great pictures of traveling Henry.
Here's to a good ANC. Hope you are headin' to Hagerstown today.
the krause house

rlbates said...

Hope you get to "chase" Henry around your own home today. Merry Christmas to you all!

Anonymous said...

I continue to read your blog and admire you and your family still.
These photos make me want to be there to play! I love your clowns, Henry!!!
My wish this holiday season is for a Christmas at home and a much healthier new year for you. There could be no better gift under a tree.
Peace and happiness to you and yours. Merry Christmas!!!

K Barron