Sunday, December 2, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

Today was a gift. I'm starting to feel like that more and more. Today, though, despite being a little worn down from yesterday, we all relaxed more than we have in a long time. We had more visitors today, some from out of town with words of consolation, others from close by with company, distraction and food. A fire burned in the fireplace while we allowed the kids a few early Christmas gifts as we're not sure what the official holiday will bring. I've become fond of candles over the last year and lit several around the living room. There was a warm glow over the entire day.

Tomorrow I'm taking Henry to Baltimore. We're going early to visit the National Aquarium. The girls visited recently and enjoyed it. I figured it was the least we could do for Henry before subjecting him to round two of chemotherapy. He's looking forward to seeing all the sharks, stingrays, and dolphins. We visit the clinic sometime before 5pm to have them type his blood for Tuesday's surgery and stem cell harvest. Then we're off to spend the night in the Children's House again. What a wonderful resource that has become for us.

So tonight we take stock of our blessings and steel ourselves for the next round. It helps a bit knowing that we can hope to expect some good days after the bad, but it doesn't really soften the blow of what's to come. Here we go again...


Anonymous said...

Bryan, I am sorry that round 2 is here already. Wish we could freeze time for another evening like last night.

Enjoy all those sea creatures at the Aquarium.

Anonymous said...

Bryan & Tara -
So enjoyed being with your wonderful family yesterday. Nothing told me there was a sick little boy in the room - just a family having fun with a play station and each other. Such love! AND wonder of wonders - Henry has a new BoSox cap on his head! My favorite team and a reminder that odds are beaten everyday - that's what makes them "odds." Ask anyone who has lost/won a buck at the races (or on a Red Sox game!) Enjoy your day at the equarium and then take a deep breath. Head into Round 2 knowing there is lots of love and support for all the Schecks. We are here. Lots of e-hugs from MizMo