Tuesday, December 11, 2007


One of the realities of the hospital is that nothing happens on time. We did however make it home tonight, albeit late. We arrived home around 8:30pm. We'd spent the afternoon playing and racing with new friends through halls of the Oncology floor. We met a 5 year old boy with aplastic anemia awaiting a bone marrow transplant and a 3 year old little boy with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Perhaps we'll run into them again at future visits. Henry had great fun racing in the halls and arrived home in similar spirits. He played with his sisters for a few moments before bed and all were happy.

Tomorrow is Sophie's birthday. We're thankful to be home to spend that special day together. Thankful too that Henry is in a good mood, eating and drinking and generally happy. His blood counts will continue to drop over the coming week to 10 days while we carefully watch for a fever. This will likely take its toll on his energy level, but he's surprised us about so many things this cycle.

Our next clinic visit will be Thursday to check his blood counts and give him a blood transfusion to help him get through the weekend. Tara and I are just so pleased that he is acting so normally now we're beside ourselves. Our stress levels are directly related to his mood and how he's feeling. Tomorrow we'll also begin the G-CSF again to stimulate blood cell growth. He's still on nausea and constipation medications and seemingly the right doses. We didn't have one vomiting spell in the hospital at all!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home. Am sure it will feel fantastic sleeping in your own beds.
happy b day to Sophie.
the krause house

rlbates said...

Happy Birthday to Sophie!

Glad you made it home.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear you are home and that you can celebrate Sophie's bday together. Hope everything continues to go well thru the holidays.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! 12/12 is a lucky day to be born!
Your friend,
Bibi Hahn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! I know you are glad Henry is home to celebrate with you. Enjoy!

Your cousins Susan and Cody