Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at Home

Despite being sandwiched between hospital days, we had a lovely Christmas Day. The morning was busy with presents and setting up new toys and digging for batteries. Anna, Sophie and Henry all had an abundant Christmas with toys and games from friends and family. We were still reeling from a visit with Santa Claus the night prior.

After some down time in the afternoon we headed over to Uncle John and Aunt Lisa's house for Christmas with Tara's family. Henry got to spend time with his boy cousins and the kids opened additional gifts. The adults visited while nibbling at terrific finger food followed by an equally wonderful turkey dinner. The kids all played video games, ran around outside and raced cars along the floor. Henry had an especially nice time with Cousin Charley.

After dinner we were presented with something we couldn't ever have expected - a amazing portrait of our three children done by an artist friend of the family. We were then told that it was commissioned by dozens of our family and friends around the country. It is at times like this that words fail me. The phrase 'thank you' simply cannot capture the appreciation we have for the obvious love and support this represents.

The portrait was accompanied by Christmas notes and statements of encouragement and love, all of which we've yet to even go through. We're so grateful to each of you who've provided the energy and love to keep us going.


Anonymous said...

Hello guys,

I'm so glad u all got to spend Christmas at home and with family.
Henry, u look great little guy. Tara and Bryan, stay strong ur doing great u both look good. Thinking of u all always.

Love, Shelly

rlbates said...

So glad to hear that you had such a wonderful Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your Christmas was really nice! I am so glad!
I heard about the portrait and so glad you showed it off in the "blog". It looks awesome! I know you will enjoy for a lifetime!

You all look great! Happy New Year!
Cousin Susan H.

fariba said...

We are so happy that you had a wounderful Chrismas day. We have keep you in our daily Prayers. Take care.