Friday, February 25, 2011

A Day Spent Together

There are many things to mourn on this day.  We've lost our son, gone two years now.  My girls have lost their brother.  His grandparents, nieces, nephews have all lost their Henry.  We mourn the loss of innocence, for us and the girls; the loss of not only who he was, but also who he was becoming.

In the face of this all I try keeping perspective on the experience we had of Henry and that can never be lost.  I sometimes regret  not having more pictures or more movies of him.  I remind myself though that this is a consequence of fully being with him at the time, not separated by a lens, not looking forward or looking back, just looking and being.

So today we'll try to focus on now and the people who make our lives rich with meaning.  Our family is supportive, as are our close circle of friends.  There's not always anything to say or do, but just looking and being with us, acknowledging the pain and loss, but accepting that burden and walking together.

We miss you desperately dear boy.  You're constantly in our hearts and thoughts and we love you dearly.