Wednesday, January 30, 2008

St. Baldrick's - help cure pediatric cancer!

St. Baldrick's is a fundraising foundation dedicated to raising funds for pediatric cancer research. Currently, only $1 of every $100 spent on cancer research goes to funding all of pediatric cancer research. Since the organization's inception in 2000, they have raised over $34 million for research funding. 83 cents of every dollar goes to funding, a very high percentage for a charitable foundation.

St. Baldrick's fundraising centers around shaving the head of a volunteer, to promote solidarity with all these great kids who lose their locks to chemo. How it works: a volunteer will sponsor a child, and gets friends and family to contribute money to his fundraising efforts. There is then a public shaving to celebrate!

Bryan and I have been fortunate enough to meet a very generous person via the internet. He's an ER physician in the pacific northwest, who is participating with St. Baldrick's for the first time. His very close friend lost a child to neuroblastoma last year, so he's been very personally affected by pediatric cancer. He has graciously volunteered to sponsor Henry as well.

Bryan and Henry's big cousin Colin have already shorn themselves in solidarity with Henry, before we were aware St. Baldrick's existed. Please support our friend Shadowfax to help cure pediatric cancers! Click the link here to contribute.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. So glad to read it. Thanks.
Cousin Fran

Anonymous said...

That's my favorite picture of Henry! So Precious!!
Susan Peeples Vallotton

Anonymous said...

you and your family are in our thoughts. I am glad my husband (shadowfax) can do something to help. I am sorry that I have come to know you though these circumstances, but feel my life is better for it. Here is to a bright future for henry and other brave children like him.