Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cornucopia of fun

What a great weekend! Everyone is healthy, happy, and refraining from saying in a whiny voice: "Mom, Dad, she insert-mildly-irritating-behavior me!"

We've managed to fit in the following, in no particular order:

- a trip to the mall
- a retirement dinner for a colleague
- a rousing Sly Cooper (playstation 2) tournament
- a slumber party where little sleeping was done (not our house, thankfully)
- a couple of good naps
- a plate full of tequila-lime chicken wings
- two margaritas

It was a very fun, relaxing, do-nothing-but-really-enjoy-doing-it couple of days.

And we needed it.

It's to be topped off with a unit of platelets. Bryan and I noticed some petechia on Henry's face this morning, so they're at our local hospital's ER now getting tanked up. We were very relieved to avoid the trip to Hopkins. And we got good news! Though his platelets were 13 (they transfuse under 20), his ANC is up to 500 which means he's no longer at risk of serious infections. We officially have avoided the fever admission for the month!

(cue confetti, party noisemakers, and applause)


Anonymous said...

That;s so great. U all deserve this ur such great people whom have been thru so much. I don't know how u have done it but thinking positive and optimistic about things for sure. Stay well.

Granya said...


t said...

Wahoo!!!! You go Henry!

Now if only the Packers could get that ball in the end zone! It be a perfect Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Awesome news. So glad you had a nice couple days!
It has been pretty chilly here, in the teens at night and high of 20 today. No snow though!

Too bad about the Packers, we were hoping for Pats and Packers!!

Take care of yourselves!
Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Fever Police,,,,great job. Do you think the Margaritas might have been some help?

Anonymous said...

AND,,,,just a reminder to all your loyal readers.....get out there and donate blood. It's such an easy thing to do, and truly a life safer.
Nurse Nancy