Sunday, January 13, 2008


This is Henry's term for hand sanitizer, which we have strategically placed all over the house.

We've had a great weekend. Henry has played with his sisters almost constantly. We had some visitors, driven Cruckie, and even hit Target, a favorite Scheck family activity.

Today is day 10 of his chemo cycle, and we know that his counts are likely to be low by now. He's got a clinic appointment tomorrow, where he will almost certainly need a blood transfusion due to anemia. We're back on the fever watch - any fever will land us in the hospital again until his ANC gets high enough. If we're lucky, we'll skip that admission this month. Our oncologist told us that kids get fevers about one out of three cycles, and since we've had fevers the last two cycles we figure we're due for a better month. Hey, we can hope, right?

Hence the hanitizer. We're doing our best to keep things as clean as possible, hands especially.

So let the hanitizer fly. And consider buying stock in Purell.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Henry! We're glad that you all had a good weekend! Keep using that hand sanitizer. Hopefully all of the viruses will stay away this time!

Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew & Samantha

Anonymous said...

Here's to a fever free week.
the krause house

rlbates said...

I love Henry's word--hanitizer.

And I would like to "second" anon's wish for a fever free week!

Anonymous said...


and stock in Purell sounds like an idea! ha!

Cousin Susan H.

David said...


i would shoot an email off to Purell and patent the "hanitizer" term. I think you are on to something!

I rarely comment, but always read...we are constantly thinking about you all and always inspired by your family.

Peeples Boys