Saturday, January 26, 2008

All's quiet on the Scheckstern front

I wanted to post an update, but really, there's nothing new to report. How nice!

Henry's doing great! His appetite, while nothing like the way it gets on steroids, is back to normal. His diarrhea is resolving. He's got plenty of energy. We wouldn't really mind if he'd learn to sleep in a little, but that's never been his strong point.

We had a clinic visit yesterday, very uneventful. His WBC count was a little lower than expected, but with each successive chemo round it can take a little longer to come up. His hemoglobin (red cells) were the highest they've been, which you can see in the color to his face. And his platelets were good as well, so it looks like we'll get away with just one platelet transfusion this cycle.

He's doing so well that we didn't even schedule another clinic appointment. Our next step will be the MRI and lumbar puncture to see how the cancer has responded to treatment. Currently the date is set for 2/14 but our oncologist is trying to move that up a bit. At any rate, he has told us that we will probably be home for a little longer this cycle so that Henry's blood can get nice and strong before we go in for the high dose chemotherapy. That combined with the fact that we skipped the fever admission this month makes us almost feel back to normal for a few weeks. What a luxury!

A happy (and cold) January weekend to you all!


Anonymous said...

Bryan, great news. Here's to continued uneventful days.

Anonymous said...

To add to Henry's song sheet:
Henry, Henry he's our man.
If he can't do it,
Nobody can!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great News! Stay warm---it is even cold in SC.
The Vallottons

Anonymous said...

Great news Henry! We're hoping for some snow too!

Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew & Samantha

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear things are going well! Cody is still waiting for Henry to send him some snow here in Knoxville! Been way cold but no snow...just rain and ice.

Cousin Susan and Cody

t said...

Such great news! Keep the power of positive thinking going!

As Tony Little says, YOU CAN DO IT!

Love to all,

Rachel Hebb said...


I was so happy to see you at the Fun and Learning Center last week. I have missed you so much!! I drew a heart for you - I'll give it to Miss Lindsey to give to you the next time she sees you.

Rachel Hebb