Monday, November 19, 2007


It's 4:30am. Henry's been up and down all night with stomach pain. He's been irrationally insisting on a wagon ride for the last 10 minutes. The nurse came in to draw some blood. I decided I needed a break - and some food. I sat down on the couch in the parents lounge while I waited for some leftovers to reheat. 'This is the most uncomfortable couch I have ever sat on', I think.

We're surrounded here by reminders of just how serious this whole business is. Monitors, nurses, medicines - these become routine. But when you see a child on a wheelchair going to the elevator for a test or kids playing in the playroom with their masks on, or the black and white pictures of hairless children on the walls, or the buzzing in the halls that indicates a child's oxygen isn't what it should be, or wondering how many kids have been in the same bed that yours is, the screams of the kids getting treatments like NG tubes or spinal taps or some other torture - all of these things remind you of the seriousness of childhood cancer.

I glance up to a sign next to the uncomfortable couch.

Furniture donated
in Memory of
and All of the Beautiful
Brave Children Who Have
Fought the Fight


Anonymous said...

Bryan, I do not know the depth of the pain, grieving, loss and suffering that you, your family and superhero Henry are experiencing.
I continue to pray for peace and comfort.

Granya said...

What a poignant posting Bryan! So many hearts and souls are encompassed by your "challenge". So many people love you and your family and feel deep pain and stress. But none of us, that I know of, can possibly imagine the exhaustion, frustration, helplessness, anger, and sorrow that you are living every minute of every day.

You are doing all you can and you are doing it so well - KEEP ON CRUCKIN.

Love, Granya

Anonymous said...

Bryan - Do you remember your friend whose goal was to be Scheck-like - meaning Bryan-like? Scheck-like now means to be Bryan-like, Tara-like, Anna-like and Sophie-like and HENRY-like. What an amazing son you and Tara have raised! He is blessed to be a Scheck and you are blessed to have him as a Scheck. And all your friends and family are blessed to have you in their lives as we all strive to be more Scheck-like. M.

Anonymous said...


Words aren't enough. You, Henry, your entire family are in my thoughts daily, my heart aches for you all and wishes there was more I could do. Know that people have been touched and everyone has good thoughts and prayers for you all. I know it's hard, but keep believing. You have all done so much so far, keep going we are all behind you.


Anonymous said...

Bryan and Tara, the whole people of Glade Church are sending you energy while holding you in our prayers. The youth are taking the lead on this campaign of support. I would be glad to come down for a visit anytime. I talked with Jane about doing that soon. With love and prayerful support. Pastor Gerry Hanberry

Anonymous said...

Tara and Bryan,
I talked with Tamara and Sean at Lakshmi's wedding in Pittsburgh over the weekend. They filled us all in on what's been happening with Henry (and shared this website address with us). I wish I had something profound or meaningful to say but I'm at a loss for words. Please know that your Shadyside Family in Pittsburgh sends our love and prayers to Henry and you both.
Greg Gallik

Susan Kroloff said...

For Tara

Mothers, and their mothers and even their mothers
Weep and wail and pull their hair.
They know you; they are you.
They try to help, but fail.


Anonymous said...

I hear the strain in your emails.
Your little guy is definitely a superhero. I am sending him a big hug. Wish I was closer to help out.
My prayers are continually with you all.

Susan Herren

Seth said...


Just another voice, yet another in awe of your courage, adding to the chorus of heartfelt support surrounding you.

I too have all of you in my heart.


Anonymous said...

Henry - I am so excited and thinking of you! I am in Boston and we are having snow - not as much as the snowman has in the toy I gave you, but snow. I hope when I get back to Hagerstown and when winter really hits us with a big,big snowstorm that you, Anna, Sophie and I can all make snow angels in your back yard!!! Or go sledding! WOW! Can't wait! Hugs and love from Boston, M.
PS - My son is in the hospital and I told him to be super-hero-brave like Henry!!! He said he would try. He is old though. He is old like your Daddy. Yep. That old.

Mark & Susan Solem said...

My heart aches for your family. As I read through the jounral, I can't help but think of God's unending love, and how he provides that love through his children, your friends, the doctors and nurses and hopsital staff.

We will continue to pray for strength and courage for you.

In Christ,

The Solems

Anonymous said...

Henry, Tara, Bryan & family,

We pray for you everyday & you are always in our thoughts. Your difficult situation reminds us how every day God gives us is so special and we need to be thankful for all we have. There is always hope!

Anne & Rob Mueller