Saturday, November 24, 2007

Here's to you, Mastercard

1/2 gallon whole milk: $1.79
Organic bran flakes with raisins: $4.29
1 bag Cheetos: $2.89
1 can mandarin oranges: $1.29
1/2 gallon pulp-free Orange juice: $3.29
1 pound flour: $0.99

Watching Henry eat 4 bites of pancakes, 15 cheetos, 2 bites of raisin bran with milk, 5 mandarin orange slices, and 8 oz of orange juice in a 24 hour period:



rlbates said...

Here's to many more "priceless" moments/days!

Granya said...

Clever blog posting.

You go HENRY!!!

Anonymous said...

PRICELESS is right!

Oh how it made to smile to read that he is eating!!!!

Good for you Henry. I am so proud of you! Keep on eating and one day you'll be as big as my boys!


Anonymous said...

Loved the blog entry!! You keep eating Henry and you will get stronger. Hope you're enjoying being home.


Anonymous said...

PRICELESS! and awesome :)

Susan Herren

Anonymous said...

For Pricelss Henry -
Cheetos! Cheetos!
Are really fun to eat.
They make your lips all orange
and put dimples in your cheeks!

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how your entries in your blog help many of us to see the priceless moments in our own lives. Thank you for that. God bless Henry and
may He give you many more
moments to cherish.