Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One Month

Someone pointed out today that it's been one month since Henry's diagnosis. At times it feels more like 2 or 3 years and other times, like yesterday. So many of the details are still very clear. The announcement from the ER doctor of a 'mass' in his brain, the diagnosis of a medulloblastoma as the likely pathology, the meeting with the oncologist with the awful details of what was likely to come...

Surveying our lives today, I was trying to imagine myself on October 12, looking at myself today sitting beside his living-room bed side, with the 'Childhood Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors' book sitting there, a three and half inch scar on the back of Henry's head.

I feel fairly certain I would have considered it a nightmare and so unlikely an event that I'd dismiss it almost immediately. But here we are, admitting the accuracy of the oncologist on the night mentioned above, assuring us that we'd acclimate and do what then seemed impossible to consider. I couldn't have believed one month ago tonight that I'd ever laugh or smile or be able to cope with all of this and I'm somehow comforted that, having made it this far, that we'll be able to go the distance, buoyed by the unending support of family and friends.


Anonymous said...

If support from family and friends can get you through this, I know you will all make it. Hugs to Henry!

Susan Herren

Anonymous said...

It is amazing when you start to look back on things just what you are able to deal/cope with. Often times it is things/situations that you never imagined you would have to deal with or that you would be able to deal with. I know what that feels like and in the end you are a stronger person for it.

Speaking from experience, you will amaze yourself as to what difficulties/challenges you can handle that life throws your way.

Know that Henry, you, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. The strength of your friends and family will help you all get through this.


Susan Kroloff said...

To Henry

Give me a kiss.
Show me a smile.
Come snuggle and hug me and sleep in my bed.
Sit on my lap, head on my heart.
Give me a kiss.
One more time...
One more time...