Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Whirlwind Continues

Although the last three weeks have had some trips to Baltimore, for the most part, it's been calm. At least on the outside. We've had to contend with the radiation decision, which we've decided to push forward on, despite awaiting second opinions. There are weeks of setup beginning on Tuesday. As we're leaning strongly in this direction due to bleak statistics regarding recurrence, we've opted to go ahead with the preparations.

Tomorrow Tara begins working a few days a week again. I will be traveling down to Hopkins with Henry for an early lumbar puncture by which to test his spinal fluid for signs of tumor cells. Tuesday we repeat the trip, but for his radiation simulation. This promises to take longer, but with no actual treatment taking place. We have doctors appointments for the girls to get them prepared for a camp next weekend for siblings of children with cancer.

Recently, one of the children who stayed next door to us in the hospital passed away. This was difficult to hear of and continues to remind us of the awful reality which presses us to live for each day. Despite the presence of this in our lives, or perhaps because of it, we sometimes let ourselves get lost in the normalcy of a lazy, rainy weekend. The passing of children is so very difficult and our situation doesn't let us forget it for long.

A recent positive development is that Henry's eyelashes and hair are coming back. Tiny lashes, barely visible, poked out late in the week and the peach fuzz on his head followed yesterday. Can you tell we're monitoring it very closely?

So we put our heads down again after a short breather and ready ourselves to face the headwind of treatments again. It's an appropriate time again to thank all of you who have helped and been supportive of us, especially so many on short notice and in taking care of Anna and Sophie. Our community family seems to grow daily.


Anonymous said...

Your strength helps us be couragous in things we face in our own lives! Thank you!
Good Luck this week! You are always in our thoughts.

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

Henry is always close in our thoughts and prayers. Your decision to proceed with the radiation was surely not an easy one. Henry continues to show others that the world can't hold him back and that will surely help him and you all get through this next chapter. Although our lives are busy, please know that Henry reminds us all to enjoy life each and every moment and that all your friends and neighbors are here for you in any way that we can help!

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Anonymous said...

The decisions you've had to make as Henry's parents are ones no parent should have to make! Yet, it is the RIGHT choice for you guys -- and Henry is a lucky little guy to have you both for parents. :)

It is always so hard hearing of a child you know passing away. I've probably heard of more than 20 or 30 kids' deaths over the years, and it's really no easier now. It's especially hard when you knew that child a bit better. One of my good friends lost a daughter this past December... it is still so hard thinking of her passing.

Hard to make sense of ANY child's life being shortened. I feel for you... and in our own way, I understand that fear, unfortunately.

BIG HUGS coming your way... we love you guys.

The Hartley Hooligans

Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys. You are an inspiration to others.


Anonymous said...

I know the decision was a tough one to make, but one you made with Henry's best interests at heart. We hope that if you go forward as planned, that you will achieve that cure for Henry by kicking the cancer while it is down. We think of you guys often and we know that Henry will continue to bounce back quickly. That hair really grows back fast!

Lots of hugs,
The Langfords