Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Love the Way

I love the way...

Henry plays with his toys as I pat him and sing to him in bed at night.

he laughs when he plays with his sisters.

his skin feels against mine.

he smiles the 'how do my teeth look' grin at me after brushing his teeth.

he jumps into the bean bags in the living room.

he asks to see his friends from school.

he attaches to people.

he buries his head in my neck when he's shy.

he trusts.

he plays.

he dances.

he runs.

he smiles.

he pretends to hide under his blankets.

he reminds us to put on his mask.

he sings along to his tv show jingles.

he loves trucks of all types.

he gets excited to see the mail truck everyday.

he loves to say good bye.

he enjoys driving truckie so very much.

he shows the sign for 'I love you' with both hands at me and we match fingers.

his wisps of hair remind me of what he's been through.

he is so brave.

he looks so calm and peaceful at night when sleeping.

his breathing sounds in the dark.

he takes cars to bed.

he's so polite.

his cheek feels on my lips when I kiss him goodnight.

he is living life right now, every single second of the day.

his skin smells.

he feels in my arms when I hold him.

he cries when he's hurt.

he loves firetrucks.

he furrows his brow.

he likes to show me everything that he does by calling, 'Hey Daddy'.

he shares.

he copies my mannerisms, "isn't that clever?"

reverse psychology seems to always work with him.

he looks in his mommy's arms.

he talks in the morning.

he gives himself his medicines.

he learns so quickly.

he uses such big words and then asks what they mean.

he is so relaxed and happy right now.

I love the way he's Henry.


Granya said...

He's truly a reflection of you Bryan. You should be so proud.

Anonymous said...

I know Henry's fight will continue but pray he wins everyday against any reoccurance! You all are truly amazing and that is why Henry has been able to endure!
Thank you for continuing to write in the blog. I so enjoy reading it!

Please tell Tara Happy Mother's Day from us here in Knoxville!

Cousin Susan H.

hillbilly_fairy said...

it was so good to see your family today -- first time i've actually met henry and the girls! it was amazing to see this little fighter in person. bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Hope that Tara had a very happy Mother's day sharing it with the whole family together at home. That's a gift to remember. We continue to pay for Henry, your family and the medical team.

Anonymous said...

We love the way you keep us all here in Wichita informed about sweet Henry on your wonderful blog. Thank you!