Monday, May 12, 2008


What a fabulous Mother's Day we had! Some very generous souls put together a benefit for Henry, based around a Harley ride in the Hagerstown area. Though the weather was not kind to them, several brave riders came out to support Henry. We met them (having ridden in the warmth of our van) at the Red Man's Club of Williamsport. Henry loved to see all the motorcycles, and even took a turn sitting on a few of them. He was very impressed with all of the gadgets and gear associated - looks like we may have a budding rider on our hands!

After the ride, we all went inside for some warm food and raffle prizes. Henry enjoyed picking the raffle tickets. Sophie enjoyed the hot dogs! Bryan and I were both amazed and humbled by the money raised to help us manage our bills.

Since the ride, Henry has remembered many times all the motorcycles he got to see. Luckily we took some pictures, which I'm sure will be looked at again and again.

Many, many thanks to Lindy, George, and Shanda for organizing!! Thanks also to the Williamsport chapter of the Harley Owner's Group, the Red Man Club of Williamsport, and the Red Man Riders for participating. We'll never forget it!!


rlbates said...

Sounds like a fun day for the entire family!

Anonymous said...

What a great Mother's Day!
Cody would have loved to have sat on those bikes with Henry and the girls!

Thanks for sharing!

Cousin Susan H.

hillbilly_fairy said...

hey great pictures! let's get henry a helmet....