Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Neuropsych testing

Henry spent several hours today with a pediatric cognitive specialist for neuropsychiatric testing. They schedule kids for 6 hours, but he needed only 2 1/2! He took to the specialist very quickly, and completed his 'games' happily. We'll get the results back at our next visit with them, but we don't expect anything of significance. This was his baseline testing so that his cognitive progress can be monitored over the next several years.

After that we had a visit at the oncology clinic. He felt good today, and enjoyed teasing the clinician. His counts continue to get better and better, though we've been warned that radiation can impact them due to the temporary damage to the bone marrow in the spine. Still, he'll be starting out from a fairly strong point.

He won't have another clinic visit until next Wednesday after his first dose of radiation. We are planning on moving back into St. Casimir's (thank you, Believe in Tomorrow!) for the next several weeks. This will allow us a home base in Baltimore to avoid 4 hours in the car daily, but we'll still be able to spend weekends together at home as a family. When I told him today that we'll be going back to Casimir's next week he said, "Good, I like it there."

We feel more and more ready to face radiation. Of course, we anticipate some unpleasant short term side effects like nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and fatigue, but we hope that they will be mild and brief. Even more so, we are hopeful that this will be the end of the cancer and we won't have to do things to Henry to make him feel sick anymore.


Granya said...

We all have the same hope and pray the same prayers for the cure of cancer, especially childhood cancer.

Your family is loved and admired and the very best outcome is on the minds of all who know your plight.

Last week Henry was contemplative at one point and I asked, "Are you OK Henry?"

He said, "Yes. Are you OK Grandma?"

What to say . . . ?

Anonymous said...

That Henry is one incredible kid!

I hope all this radiation goes by quickly for him and he is back home feeling good soon after!!
He is going to KICK this dang cancer!!

We are all out here for you!

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

I told my doctor about the plight of Henry. His response was an emphatic, "That's not right!" How true. But some good has to come out of this. There is more love in the world. Henry and his family have been the recipients of that love. It must count for something. It sticks to the soul. Goodness begets goodness. I am so proud of you all. To know you is a mitzvah.
Miss Susan

Anonymous said...

So glad that you have St. Casimir during Henry's radiation treatment. What a fantastic place.

Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts for a radiation regime with as few of complications as possible.

Have fun in the sand.