Thursday, May 8, 2008

Late Return

It's late and we've just arrived at home again from Hopkins after Henry's MRI. His scan remains unchanged from previous scans which is good news. There has been no progression. There remains an abnormality for which no one has an explanation.

We spoke with the radiation oncologist today as well which was the difficult conversation we've been putting off since the beginning. I'm not sure I even understand the options we have at this point, so I'll sleep on that to let it sink in a bit.

Henry was great today. He had only minor complaints about not being able to eat. He played happily on the floor during our early radiation consultation and after a while fell asleep on Tara's lap. He played with another child while at The Children's House and then we headed over for the MRI. They took us in quickly albeit for a long scan. He is such a little champion. We've very proud of his handling of what could have otherwise been a really rough day.


Anonymous said...

Sooo glad the MRI went well and no changes. Thinking of u all and glad things r going well.

Happy Mothers Day!!! Your a wonderful person and wonderful mother.

Love Shelly

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tara. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! You so deserve it! Glad the MRI had good results!

Cousin Susan H.