Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Peaceful Day

We've had a quiet day here at St. Casimir with our family. We've brought the girls down to enjoy a long weekend together. We took a walk, hit the grocery store and played out in the courtyard of the house for a while. The kids are winding down for the evening watching a movie while Grandma and Mommy are getting some rest and relaxation at a local yarn shop as knitting has become the pastime of choice.

Henry was very sweet the latter part of the day. He gets so frustrated sometimes and it makes it hard on all of us. I feel especially bad for him during these times because it seems so clear that he just doesn't know how to handle his emotions and the facts of his situation. Alternatively, late in the day, he sat on my lap and let me tickle him, ending in giggles, not anger. We cuddled on the couch until dinner, watching television and teasing each other. It was really wonderful. He had much more to drink today than in days past and ate just a little bit of ice cream. Good signs that his appetite is improving.

Tomorrow we'll have another clinic appointment, hopefully routine. Yesterday at clinic, Tara wisely requested a different (better tasting) medicine for Henry which went over much better tonight than in evenings past. So now, I'll prepare his TPN and coax him to bed and we'll all quietly exhale after a peaceful day.


t said...

I so appreciate your updates. It is really good to read some normalcy in what has become a very complicated situation. I am also glad to hear that you all are able to enjoy each others company.

Humm... a frustrated 3 year old? Just can't imagine that...

Keep up the spunk, little H.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend together! Thanks for the update!!

Love always,
Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy having the family together for a few days!Lots of Love to all of you!
Susan P. Vallotton