Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

It's Easter weekend and we're all at home. We've eked out an extra night from our doctors so we won't have to return until Monday sometime.

The oncologist called with the results of Henry's tests. His CT of his sinuses looks better than the last one indicating an improvement due to the medicines he's been taking for his sinusitis. His chest x-ray was clean and the placement of his catheter is fine. His MRI remained unchanged. There remain some abnormalities which our doctor said he would like to be able to tell us were gone at this point. They may indicate inflammation due to chemotherapy but we must treat them as if they are cancer cells. No one at this point can tell us what they are - there is just not enough information to tell. We've become comfortable with some uncertainty, but this MRI, although we expected to be the same, took us a little aback with the vagueness of it's results. The upshot is that basically the doctors hoped that the 'abnormalities' would have cleared up by now. We're slowly coming to realize that this is just going to be a waiting game for a long time to come.

Recently we received back our photos from the Flashes of Hope photography session we participated in back in early February. We're pleased to have them back and at how they turned out.

Henry and Daddy

Hanging Out

The Henry Scowl

Looking Ornery

Our Sweet Boy

Little Man

Standing Proud

Just Us

Sparkle in His Eye

We hope that you all have a blessed and happy Easter.


Femail doc said...

Beautiful photos; black & white so powerful. Best Easter wishes back at you and all the Schecks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the pictures are beautiful! Yall have a wonderful Easter at home together.
Hugs and Kisses,
Susan P. Vallotton

rlbates said...

Great news and beautiful pictures!!! Happy Easter to you all!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures - enjoy home!

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful! Happy Easter to all of you.

Shanda and family

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! I am glad you got home for a little while. We will be thinking of you. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Uncle Steve and Aunt Susan.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!! They say so much about your relationship...I love the one titled "Just Us". The connection between you is evident. We're glad you got to go home for awhile...and sorry that the test are still uncertain. That's tough.

We hope the Easter bunny visits with lots of goodies. Love, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bob

t said...

Oh how precious! I just love black and white photo's. The depth of love is so apparent in those photo's. What a gift!

I am so glad that little H is home with his family for Easter. Although the uncertainty of the MRI results is unsettling, the good news is that it isn't something for sure. I pray that you all can take some comfort in that.

My love and prayers to you all.

Happy Easter


Granya said...

Henry just called me - he found 5 Easter Eggs - said I could borrow 1.

All our worry, sorrow, compassion, hope - and he stays so focused on today.

Such a champ!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Henry at finding 5 eggs,,,,and how kind to share one with Granya.
Thanx for sharing the pictures with us-they are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter -
what wonderful photos, thank you for sharing. Have fun at home!
Linda and Val

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos! Happy Easter!
K Barron

shadowfax said...

Beautiful pics. I love the one of Henry & dad nose-to-nose. Glad to hear you're home for a while. Enjoy some spring weather -- hopefully drier there than here...