Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back in the Saddle

So we're back, at Hotel Hopkins.

Henry had a good night last night. He didn't object a lot to coming to the hospital - we had prepped him over several days. However, he's shown his displeasure since we got here. Since Bryan and I are feeling the same way about things, it's understandable.

Henry was pretty mad about being "hooked up". Having the IV pole attached really limits his physical mobility, but even more so locks down his mood. He feels very trapped by it. Again, so do we. He requires almost constant tending, since he can't move around on his own. For this round of chemo, he'll be hooked up the entire first week, essentially till he starts feeling sick from his counts dropping. He's had some major tantrums, about minor things. Over and over, his frustation at the situation comes out. He seems to be settling in as the day goes by.

A bonus this month - no thiotepa, therefore no 3 AM baths.

Bryan and I approach this month with some fatigue - emotional and physical. We both seem to be fighting a virus, and can't sleep enough. In addition, last month's efforts really were taxing, and we don't feel at 100% to start this one. Slow and steady is the strategy for now. The thought that this should be the last round is of course liberating. Focusing on that thought will doubtless help us all through some long days.


Anonymous said...

Been anxious to hear how you are doing being back at Hotel Hopkins!
Sorry it as been a little rough going back.
Hope you and Bryan are feeling better very soon! love to little Henry!!

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

can Henry make trips outside the room in a wheelchair w/ and IV pole?
does he have a video camera and vcr so he can video his friends (and foes)?
would he let me and Granya take care of him for a day or two?
Miss Susan

rlbates said...

You remain in my thoughts. Wish I could do more.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how wiped out you are - I am sorry we aren't closer to help - hang in there - we are thinking of you.
Linda and Val