Thursday, March 6, 2008

An Active Morning

Increasingly Henry is playing more and sitting in bed less. There is less pain, less rash, and less coughing. We're peeling off the medications he's been on and turning down his pain medication slowly Today was our first day with his ANC over 2,000 and we discovered that we need three days above that threshold before we're released. So we're hoping for Monday provided there are no hiccups.

Henry was unhooked for a while today. We went down and picked up some pictures from the photo lab in the hospital here. These were Henry's first printed pictures taken from a disposable camera given to him by the transplant team here. Among the pictures of the closet, his medicine pumps and some mystery photos, he was able to capture several visitors, his oncologist, several of his favorite nurses and his parents. We placed them in the provided album and they're now the focus for any visitors.

When we were coming back from our adventure out, the receptionist on the oncology floor handed us a package from We proceeded to open it right in the hallway, in front of several nurses who are generally so sweet to Henry. They watched him as he opened new Max and Ruby videos. This promptly cut short our walk and he's now resting quietly watching his second of the three. It was such a nice surprise for him to have and it arrived at an opportune time.

Later today we plan on some construction paper activities and perhaps a repeat of this morning's enactment of wreck-the-cars-on-the-train-track. Good spirits abound and we're looking forward to some easy days ahead.


Granya said...

...and so I guess my CAT IN THE HAT video is toast!!!

rlbates said...

Toy car crashes are such fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Videos are the best! So glad you got a great surprise box today Henry. We have a little something coming to you in the mail. Granya will get it to you probably next week. We miss you!

Keep getting better!

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

Henry and family, Glad you were able to "stretch your legs" today and get off the PEDS floor. How exciting that you have taken up photography.
Glad to hear that there are good spirits surrounding you.


Anonymous said...

Great news Henry. Keep up the good work!

Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

t said...

Hey Henry, glad to hear that you love photography too but I tend to have the same problem with mystery photo's. What gives?

Keep on Crucking!