Sunday, February 10, 2008


We drove back into Hagerstown today amidst some strange weather. To one end of the sky there was large cumulus clouds with the sun peeking through and to the other were threatening amorphous clouds covering the sky. Neither seemed too pleased to meet one another as the wind was howling and there was no predicting which would have the better of the day.

Our time at the beach was relaxing. Despite some minor stomach ailments with the girls and chilly breezy weather, we found enough to do to keep us entertained. We went golfing indoors and took the kids to get their photos done at an old-time photo shop. We attempted a walk on the boardwalk but it was just too windy and cold. It turned out to be sufficient for much of the time to hang out in the provided housing. We played games and did a couple of crafts and puzzles. Being removed from our home environment for a while, without all the usual distractions seemed welcome by everyone. We ended up forced to look at each other with little to do and we enjoyed it!

The first night we were once again treated by the kindness of strangers. We've had several folks come by the house lately. Some with toys, money for gas, and others with messages of hope. As much practice at accepting these as I think I've had, it's always a surprise and I never really know what to say, beside the obvious 'Thank You'. I feel forever inadequate trying to convey our gratitude.

At the 'Believe in Tomorrow: House by the Sea' we were greeted with great smiles and a basket full of coupons and free dinner and activities donated by local merchants. When going to dinner at 'La Hacienda' that first evening we were treated so well and they made a point of wishing us the best. It was very touching. I'm forever amazed at the sources of our community of support.

So while we contemplate the coming months of chemotherapy and what else is to come, we see some grey skies and some bright but we're entirely unsure of the outcome. In the meantime we've been able to hide from it for a couple of days and are preparing to face it together.


Granya and DeeDad said...

A new order of bracelets is in - size SMALL available too. Mary Jane Roop is taking orders - readers can go to the link in this blog.

Glad for your time away - you are right, distractions can be exhausting (although necessary), so a change of environment is good.

Our love to you all as you face this next phase of treatment.

rlbates said...

So glad you had a good trip together. Wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

Thx for the fun pics of the kids. Glad you had a fun getaway.