Saturday, February 23, 2008

Perked Up

What a difference 24 hours can make. I came down early to relive Tara's double shift and found Henry pleasant and ready for the day. He was out of bed much of the time today. He rode the bike out in the hallway and accompanied me to do laundry and down to get my lunch. We are allowed this freedom as he was unhooked at our request for a brief period of time today. As long as he's bathed and changed before we adventure out (and refrain from touching things) we can go where we please for now, despite our 'isolation'.

His major disappointment for today was not being able to go into the playroom. He cried very sadly for a time. I was able to distract him and he accepted it for now. I'm sure that will not be the end of it. We daily bring him some of the presents that we've been given for him. It's a good source of distraction and he's come to look forward to it. One of the toys he particularly enjoyed today was a game of Memory. The full version of the game I think would have been a little overwhelming so we played with them all turned face up. He enjoyed finding the matches. We played for about an hour - he was very attentive.

He had some down time in the afternoon and then engaged his nurse with some play about his workbench. She indulged him very enthusiastically. He enjoyed it and I appreciated the break. Aside from being a little tired and not eating much, he was very close to acting quite normally today. A big relief from what was expected.

He's winding down now in front of 'Bob the Builder' and will be asleep soon.


rlbates said...

Thanks for the news.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So nice to hear!
He is such a trooper thru all this!
Incredible little guy but then you know that!

Thanks for keeping us informed! Love the good news. Hope it continues!!

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

Thx for the positive update. Can't imagine how tough it was to tell him he couldn't go in the playroom....especially when he was able to go just about any place else in the hospital.

Glad he has the distraction of his daily "goodies" to keep him going. If there is a particular "distraction" you think might be useful, let me know. I love the challenge of a good shopping hunt.

Here's to another good day.
the krause house