Thursday, February 28, 2008


The night nurse just completed midnight vital signs. Henry began complaining to her that he wanted me to do his temperature, as he typically does. The rattling in his chest gave way to coughing and he began spitting blood. The nurse looked into his mouth and Henry's gums have begun to bleed. He continued coughing and spitting for about 5 minutes. She will check his blood again near 3am, looking for the need for additional platelets which were transfused earlier today as well. We changed his bed sheets as he's been sleeping without a diaper because of a chemotherapy induced rash from contact with it.

The doctors warned us yesterday that his mucositis is going to continue worsening for a few more days. We may need to increase his pain medicine in order for him to tolerate it. We've already done so nightly for the last three evenings now before bed.

As he calmed down he said, "I don't feel very good." I helped him push his pain pump a time or two. He seems to be resting more comfortably now, quietly breathing.

Early Morning

The rest of Henry's evening went without major incident. He coughed a little more and had more to spit, but in between he slept reasonably well. He did have one more acute bout of pain this morning. Usually Henry has a single complaint but today he said that most everything hurt which prompted me to request that his morphine be increased.

We've acclimated to much of what we have to do in the hospital but the effects of this chemotherapy, while we understand are temporary, are difficult to watch.


Granya said...


You got blood the other day and will get more today.

Granya GAVE blood yesterday. I am glad to be able to help other children like you who need it.

t said...

Tara and Bryan, how you can watch little Henry's suffer so much is beyond my comprehension. It's just unimaginable. I will continue to pray daily for his comfort and speedy recovery.

You can get through this little H. You can do this.

Ms. T

Femail doc said...

It's even difficult to read about. My best thoughts are with the hospitalized Schecks!

Anonymous said...

Henry-you are such a brave and inspirational little man! Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

I had to catch up on a few days of reading as I have been "under the weather". I am sorry to hear the last few days have been tougher on Henry and both of you.
Hopefully this part will be over quickly and you can go on your "vacation".
God be with you all!

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

We're continuing to pray for you each night here in Wichita, Henry! And for you all too, Bryan and Tara and the girls... Sending hugs your way.

rlbates said...

This is when in the "marathon" you keep repeating "I can do all things through God who strenghtens me". Looking forward to better days on the patio with the white Henryi clematis blooming!

Anonymous said...

Henry, am so sorry that you are having such a tough time, and am grateful for the morphine.
Like your Granya, I will be giving blood soon in your honor.

Dani said...

Tara, Bryan, and Henry -
We are sending you lots of love and healing energy!!

Hang in there - you are in our prayers.

Dani, Ben, Joey and Baby # 2