Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Crick or Creating

We had a busy morning in Baltimore getting Henry's tests done - successfully I might add. He would not sit still for the first round so this time, we had some drugs for sedation, made him a bit loopy, but it made him tolerant. Mission accomplished.

We spent a lazy afternoon preparing for our week away and then for Halloween. Here's the gang for trick or treating.


After our very first stop, Henry exclaimed, "I like crick or creatin'!" We hit a few of our neighbors houses, I think he ended up with 10 pieces of candy, but he insisted his bucket was full. Tara and the girls went out and really did come home with full buckets, not to mention we didn't give out half of what we bought. I guess we'll be prepared for Easter too.

Anyway, Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

We love you guys deeply,
The Amos Clan

Granya said...

I spent Halloween evening with the RED CROSS - thank goodness there were no vampire costumes.
Blood donation accomplished and I got Deedad a
scary T-shirt.

I did get to see Henry earlier this afternoon and he
was cruising in "cruckie". It was great to see him so content.

Our hearts and souls are with you as you enter this
next phase tomorrow.

All our love, Granya and Deedad

Anonymous said...

Hey Henry -
BE BRAVE and STRONG today. Be brave like a lion and I know you can roar like a lion.

Teresa brought your bracelets to work today and we all have them on. She ran out- we need more.

Sending love, strength and support to all of you.