Saturday, October 27, 2007

Carpe Diem

Its sunny today after days of rain. Grandma made pancakes for us all this morning. Henry and I went off to Lowe's today to build a firetruck at their kid's clinic. I had the wrong week though - they were building spiders for Halloween. The woman running the activity found an extra fire truck (as well as another truck for us) that was leftover. Henry thought the hammering was loud and I think he enjoyed sitting on the tractors more than the activity.

We got hungry - his appetite right now is insatiable - so we went to McDonald's for a snack. Hear Henry tell the story.

It was really a wonderful morning. The fall leaves are brilliant, Henry was happy, we had such quality time together. He was making his stuffed bear dance in the backseat to the music. I felt like I just wanted to keep driving, just really far away from things, as if we could stop time - or maybe just delay it a little. It was a good morning.

After a little TV and down time, we took off for the pumpkin patch. As we were leaving, Henry said 'You and Mommy take care of me. That is nice'. So sweet. Each year we head up to Waynesboro to Reynold's Farms. Its so picturesque. We were afraid it would be muddy and got into some scrubby clothes, but it turned out just right. We all found pumpkins, then took a nice scenic ride home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing games, carving pumpkins and doing puzzles. Everyone really had a perfect day.

As for me - I put Henry to bed, read him 'If You Take A Mouse To School', sang to him, and as he hugged me, he said 'I want to give you kiss'. I couldn't ask for anything more.


Granya said...

So glad you had this special day - what a heartwarming entry.

Anonymous said...

Henry. Henry. Henry. I would like you to be my boyfried if you will let me ride on the tractor with you and share your hamburger and your Dad's cinnamon roll with me. What do you think? I can make lots of cinnamon buns for you and I carve really nice pumpkins. You don't know me well, but we can change that. I think I will save my money and buy you a fire truck and then I then I hope you will be my friend. It might take me a very, very long time to save that money, but wait for me. Hugs and kisses, Maury

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara and Bryan,
Henry looks like a fighter... what a brave little man. I'll think about him when I get my flu shot, and I will sign up for the next bloodmobile. Also know that I'll be sending healing vibes, along with all these other good folks.
Peace be with you all,

Anonymous said...

It's good to read about your nice day, Bryan. Thanks for sharing with us. I loved watching Henry on U Tube and seeing his smiling face. Take care, Cousin Fran

Cousin Margaret in VaBch said...

Hey from Virginia Beach. This is Cousin Margaret and Doug, Kendall and AnnaGray. We read about what's going on w/ Henry everyday. AnnaGray is in W-Salem and she has his picture up on her wall at school. Like all of us here, she is always thinking about him. When I talk w/ her she tells me to look on the website for the new posts and she loved describing his "Truckie."

You guys hang in there. You have a lot of people loving you and praying for you. Hope all goes well this week. You are in our daily prayers ! Cousin Margaret

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful entry -- I so appreciate your honesty about wanting to drive & drive & drive -- far away from where you were to delay things, if possible.

What lies ahead must seem unimaginable at this point... and from "meeting" many children in similar situation on the CaringBridge sites, I know that no matter how hard you prepare for this, you can never imagine exactly how it'll go. And this unknown does make it hard, but it also kind of forces you to enjoy the here & now.

Your day sounded joyous! Having two young children with profound special needs, I know how all of a sudden, dealing with something so big can make the little things seem THAT MUCH MORE SPECIAL. We too try to live in the moment, celebrate the little things, and not let a moment of any day pass us by to love those around us.

THANK YOU for your honesty & for sharing Henry with us! What an amazing family you have.


Gwen, Scott, Cal, Claire & Lola Hartley
(My mother-in-law is friends with Linda Scheck & has been keeping us up-to-date on Henry -- love this site you have created!)

Anonymous said...

We are thinking and praying for Henry's quick recovery! I printed a picture of Henry from the Family reunion and it is over my desk at work. All my co-workers have heard about Henry and ask about him daily.

We love you all and love to hear about what is going on. I can not imagine what you are all going thru esp. little Henry. He is quite the trooper!
Cousin Susan Herren