Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bit of Relief

Henry had his follow up x-ray very early this morning and has been cleared to go home. A family friend is picking them up from the hospital this morning for me. Henry had a bit of a rough night, a couple of tantrums - "I want to go home!" - but we're of the mind that the stronger he is the harder it is to be in the hospital, a good sign.


Anonymous said...

Your strength and courage leave me breathless. And that little fighter Henry!!! There will be good times, bad times, sad times, hard times, even upside-down times but, remember through it all, you have the love support of family and friends and we will not desert you. Promise. Maury

Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan & Family,

You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers from Pittsburgh! Henry looks happy in the the pics...lovin' those tractor pics! Stay strong, know that you are in our thoughts.
Henry - you keep fightin' buddy.

Love, the Pribanic's - Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry & family
You are in My prayers and I love you. Love, Gretchen Ian Josh
I will keep checking up to see how he is doing.

Anonymous said...

From Sophie to Henry:

I love Henry very much. I really miss him when he is at the hospital. I like to play games with him and I really like him.


Anonymous said...

So glad for those tantrums! HA!
I know he wishes he was home.
We are praying for him!
Love always,
Susan, Kendall and Cody Herren

Granya and DeeDad said...

We got out flu shots today!!!

Love, Granya and DeeDad

Mark & Susan Solem Victoria, MN said...

We are so encouraged to hear how much fun you had this past weekend. Those memories are so precious to have. We will continue to pray for your family. In Christ,
The Solems