Friday, October 26, 2007

Normal Friday

Tara was off to Children's in DC early today. Henry, my mother and I went to Border's for my mom to chat with friends she'd left behind years ago when they moved away. It was nice to see her getting some time to herself as she has been so helpful here during this time. Henry and I went to McDonald's for a snack. He loves their hash browns and ate a side of eggs. I love to see him eat now. He'd been sick for so long and really didn't eat a ton in the hospital. He eats so much now, he's competing with the girls. The McDonald's we went to has one of those trains running along a track attached to the ceiling. He thought that was pretty cool. We tried to chase it on our way out and he giggled, its like warm sun rays on your heart to hear it.

We dropped back by Border's and read some books, Diego and a Halloween book. He had grilled cheese and 'cristy' (twisty) noodles for lunch. Anna and Sophie got home quickly after and a couple of Henry's daycare teachers stopped by with gifts and to see him. They brought him a coloring book and a picture album of his friends at school. All the gifts we've received have been so thoughtful. He's feeling downright spoiled and we don't mind at all. :)

We received the same story from Children's that we did from Hopkins. Reassuring in a way. They posed the information slightly differently and its made us rethink some of how we may proceed. Either way, there are no easy choices to be made. Some good news, our surgery is very early on Monday morning and The Children's House has offered us a room again to stay the night - an unbelievable blessing to be so close.

Henry's in the other room now, playing cars and watching TV with my mom. I can hear his little voice and he's happy. We're looking forward to our normal weekend activities; soccer games, errands, family brunch.

PS - I've posted a video on 'Henry and Cruckie' - YouTube to the rescue! :)


Anonymous said...

Tell Henry he's a STAR! I loved seeing Henry and Cruckie on YOU TUBE.
I know that you have many major decissions ahead of you. Go with your heart and never ever give up.
Please know that I am here and all of us at TSCHC will support you in anyway that we can.
Keep up the blog, Bryan, we all look forward to your postings and seeing Henry's smiling face wondering what the next picture will be.
Give Henry HUGS AND KISSES!(and bubble gum)

Anonymous said...

Bryan, thx for the updates on this fantastic blog. What a great invention.
Tara, be kind to yourself. Sometimes being the "medical person" on a family illness is a tough role to play. Remember to give yourself time to be a MOM.
I have shared Henry's blog site with my Prayer Shawl Ministry, so Gaithersburg has you covered.
Be strong and safe,

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the cruckie video! Henry you are a great driver. Zeb loved it and is now asking for a cruckie too. It is so good to see him smiling. Enjoy your weekend with the kids and I'm here if you need anything.


Anonymous said...

I love that little feller.
uncle joshy

Anonymous said...

The first thing I do each morning is a "Henry Check". I love to see the pictures, the YouTubes and hear about his activities. What a darling boy! Bryan's words of love and positive support for Henry are the best part though. They are a blessing of hope and grace to all who read them. It astounds me that when you and your family need help, you are helping others deal with Henry's challenge. We are all blessed to know you and your family and you will stay in my heart, thought and prayers as you travel this road. Know that so,so many and with you. Maury