Monday, April 28, 2008

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks

On one of the several wonderful days we had at Casimir last week, we loaded Henry in the car and drove up to White Marsh. We had previously arranged to go to a new store there called, RideMakerz. If you've not heard of RideMakerz, the concept is similar to the Build-a-Bear idea. Kids can go in to the store, pick their car or truck, choose their sound, tires, hubcaps, chassis and accessories. They're outfitted with little assembly stations and the kids can put the car together. You register, get a 'title' and a license plate and if you're really in the mood to go all out, a remote control.

The assistant manager agreed to meet us an hour early in order that Henry could make his ride without the threat of germs from nearby 'mechanics'. We circled the edge of the store several times, sizing up the mini coopers, dump trucks, race cars and others. In the end Henry settled on a fire truck with a monster truck chassis. I think the available siren sounds tipped the scale for him. He had a great time assembling it and an especially great time playing with it on the floor with the assistant manager.

Our attitude toward toys has loosened a lot lately. Normally we wouldn't have considered buying an item like this for a three year old. The experience of building it and the smiles it brought were worth so much and we owe that to the considerate and thoughtful management at RideMakerz. Not only did they open the store for us. Not only did the assistant manager engage Henry and play with him on the floor. Not only did they provide a terrific memory and generate smiles for Henry. But they wouldn't accept any payment for it. Thank you RideMakerz and specifically, thank you Jordan. You made Henry's day!

Our family has been the object of so much giving, much of it by family and friends. The generosity of strangers is such a wonderful surprise and reaffirms that there is an awful lot of good in the world too.

By the way, while there are only 7 stores in the country now, there is one in Hagerstown on Garland Groh Blvd near the new Best Buy. If you've got a special little boy in your life, it's definitely worth a visit!


Anonymous said...

Jordan and RideMakerz sound like a great bunch of people. Glad your paths crossed. Love the latest pics of our Hero.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Sounds like great fun! Something you all will remember for ever!

Cousin Susan H.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Such a touching story! That man is a true angel!

Keep hanging in there Henry!

Anonymous said...

Cool fire truck Henry! Good job Ridemakerz and Jordan. Here's to putting lots of miles on your new truck Henry - ENJOY!

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Anonymous said...

Jordan is our son and and he sent us a link to your blog. He remarked to me recently in conversation (well before Henry's visit) that the thing he enjoyed most about management now was the ability to be charitable towards others. And he does like to play; babies and little kids LOVE Jordan and always have. All blessings for your precious Henry.

Anonymous said...

Dear Henry:

I am so glad that you are home and feeling good-you and your family are an inspiration to us all on a daily basis and you bring out the beauty in those who come in contact with you--Here is to a healthy and blessed Spring and Summer!

Anonymous said...

Your stories of the generosity of strangers always makes me cry. Way to go RideMakerz and Jordan. When Henry is older, he will understand that there really is love in the world.
I am so proud of you all.
Miss Susan