Sunday, April 13, 2008

Best Day

Henry had a great day yesterday. I arrived to relieve Tara just after my mother and Sophie had come in with Chick-fil-a. Sophie and Henry were happily playing on the floor. We had a couple of special visitors for the afternoon come by as well and shortly after their arrival, Henry was unhooked. He led us all on a trip down the elevator and played in the halls of the children's hospital. Everyone that sees him is amazed by his energy. He rode his mogocycle for such a long time and then had energy to spare for playing trains, garbage trucks and for making s'mores (the chocolate was his favorite).

There weren't any outbursts this afternoon. No furrowed brows, fits or accusing looks. Just happy Henry. He was relaxed and smiled and laughed and played like any three year old. It was so healthful to watch. It was his best day in a long time.


Gardagami said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope today is just as great for you guys. Henry, the smore's look so yummy! Wish I could have been there to have one with you.


shadowfax said...

Glad to hear you're doing so well!



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Anonymous said...

Henry, it is soooo greaat to see and hear how energtic you are, keep it up. Thinking of u all everyday.


Anna Banana and Granya said...

Granya and Anna say HI HENRY - we love you and will see you soon.

rlbates said...

So glad to hear about his good day. Hope there are many more. (s'more)

Anonymous said...

Henry, glad it was a s'mores type of day.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME HENRY! So glad you are having good days! and S'mores are the best! YUM! Chocolate is my favorite too! :)

We love you.

Cousin Susan H.