Wednesday, April 9, 2008

One of these days....

"One of these days Henry is going to realize that he just had a stem cell transplant."

Spoken by our transplant doctor, as Henry came tearing around the corner on his mogocycle. (I was well behind him, yelling "Don't crash! You don't have enough platelets to crash!")

Bryan and I are thrilled at how well Henry is doing. We still have several days left until his stem cells emerge as white cells in his blood system, so we're far from out of the woods from this round of chemo. However, at this point last month he was very very sick, and we expected the same this time around. His temperature is inching up, and his antibiotic coverage was broadened last night. He is complaining of some abdominal pain intermittently, and having frequent watery stools, but this is just a whisper of how sick he was last month.

Thanks so much to the many many people who are continuing to remember Henry. We've had gifts and visitors and phone calls, and they all make him smile.


Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear that he is still up and riding his mogocycle. He is just amazing!


rlbates said...

Nice image (don't crash........) of you chasing him. Made me smile.

Glad Henry is doing so well.

granya said...

This is for Shanda - the handprint poster is priceless - so colorful and meaningful. And I got to read his new books to him yesterday.

We both enjoyed them.


Anonymous said... glad to hear he is still doing pretty well. He is in my thoughts all the time. Can't wait to hear you are going home before too long...I know you can't!

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Henry's carefree ride. How wonderful it is to hear that he is feeling so well right now. Keep it up, Henry!

Lots of love,
Wayne, Shirley, Sophia, and Fiona