Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunny, Happy Days

I've stolen away to the Safeway grocery store near St. Casimir's to make use of their internet connection. Henry has been doing absolutely terrific right now. He's already eating on his own without the aid of his internal feeding. Occasionally we notice that he's unable to hear a sound here or there, but nothing severe.

His counts are beginning to rebound as expected. His sisters are down for a long weekend with Grandma Linda and he's been having a ball. He's ridden his bike, taken walks, played hide and seek, learned to jump (yes - he's catching air!) and seems to have simply boundless energy. He's not fussing when taking his medicine which, along with flushing his catheter daily, are the only things we have to do now for maintenance.

We make two or three trips per week to the clinic to check his blood levels and give him any blood products he needs, which to date has only been one unit of platelets. None of us would have ever guessed that less than several days out of the hospital he would be running and jumping! He's truly enjoying life right now as are we all. Along with his health, the weather has commensurately improved, spring is in full bloom and warmer days are allowing some outside play.

So for the time being we will forget that our fight is not yet over, that we still must discuss radiation therapy, that this isn't yet a 'cure', that his prognosis is still difficult to realize despite his current mood and behavior. For now we will bask in our sunny, warm, happy days and be ever so grateful for them.


Anonymous said...

YEAAAAAHHHH!!!! So glad to hear that things are going well for Henry right now and that you all are enjoying some happy times together! Thanks for the update.


rlbates said...

Thanks for the update. So happy to hear you are all doing well.

granya said...

I feel such a relief, inside and out. I attribute it to Henry's "chemo phase" being over, his recovery being expeditious and the weather.

We've waited six months for this feeling - as has everyone following his challenge.

Love, Granya

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I'm so glad all is going well. Enjoy the warm weather and just being together. Hope all of you are "home" very soon!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that things are going well - enjoy!!
Linda and Val

Anonymous said...

Ditto to everything said above. We are all so happy for Henry. He again has shown that he is taking this challenge head-on and has proven what a fighter he is. What wonderful news to hear he has such energy - can't wait to see him running and jumping in his own backyard! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care.

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Anonymous said...

Jumping and "catching air", that sounds fantastic. Glad the sisters can be there for a weekend visit.