Monday, May 18, 2009

Generosity Beyond Measure

This weekend's Henry's Hustle event was an incredible time. The Maugansville community displayed enormous support and compassion to the cause of pediatric cancer research and awareness all in Henry's name.

The fervor began to build on Friday as the news crew from our local TV station came to witness some preparation and to interview the organizers, the girls, and me. Here's a clip from Friday's news story.

NBC 25 Story on Henry's Hustle

Saturday morning's weather was brilliant until about race time and the skies began to open. We went ahead with the race anyway and the kids loved it. The Chick-fil-a cow came to begin the race and was instrumental in getting many other activities started as well.

After the race the weather began to clear up a bit and everyone was able to enjoy the activities. There was a wonderful tractor ride and the local fire company showed up with one of the engines that Henry loved to watch from the nearby ice cream shop. Many of the children's teachers sacrificed themselves for the cause in a dunk tank which was VERY popular!

There was plenty of carnival fare provided by local businesses who donated their profits back to the cause, a multitude of amazing cakes for a cake walk, sweets galore for the bake sale - all of which was a tremendous donation of time and resources. The school's music teacher and her talented band came to add a festive atmosphere to the day and played song after song of touching entertainment and joyful music. (One special song of which was a favorite of Henry's - The Sweet Escape, which he called the 'woohoo song'). One of the local families donated the use of their Moonbounces for the enjoyment of all, another very popular activity. There was face painting, balloons, remote control cars from RideMakerz, goldfish to win, and enough activities to keep hundreds of kids and their families busy and entertained for hours. And of course, there were two Alex's Lemonade Stands on site as the namesake for destination of all the funds raised.

Altogether it was just a terrific, wonderful and magical day. It was a show of such solidarity, community and compassion. Tara and I felt so very comforted to know that Henry's life and story continues to inspire people to reach out to those children touched by cancer, to challenge them to empathize and to act. It means that his short life continues to radiate out into the world with positive ramification and it just makes us so happy.

I feel at such a desperate loss of words to express our gratitude for the countless hours of volunteer time that went into this event to earn funds that those who gave their time will likely (and hopefully) never see the use of. I know that every cake that was baked, every phone call that was made and every minute of service went to help sick children and it was done out of such deep generosity. We're so very honored for it to have been in Henry's name.

Much credit goes to the preparatory work of the Maugansville Elementary School staff, PTA and the local Ruritan club for the use of facilities, resources and good old volunteer labor. I'm especially grateful for Jeremy Golden, the Physical Education Teacher at Maugansville for his idea, initiative and compassion that made Henry's Hustle a reality.

Sunday's News Article in the local Hagerstown Paper


Shirley said...

This is wonderful--- thank you Scheck family and all the supporters for making a difference. Henry is, and will continue to be an inspiration for us.

Shirley/Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Granya said...

The whole event was well orchestrated, everyone that was working their stations seemed happy to be there.
The rain didn't even "dampen" the mood.

Such a commendation to a family that is similar to all others there except for living the tragedy of losing a child. Maybe that is what pulled the heart strings and helped build the momentum for this community tribute.

It was amazing, touching, emotional and fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful event...sorry the krause house couldn't join in the festivities.
Our hero, he continues to inspire us.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. It soundslike it was a truly inspiring event, and one that I hope will continue for years to come. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a fun event to read about!! I enjoyed watching the tv video and seeing the girls - such pretty young ladies! Congratulations on such a successful event to honor Henry!!
Hugs from Arlington
Linda and Val

Anonymous said...

So glad to read that the Henry Hustle was such a success. Sounds like fun was had by all.
And great job with the NBC local news piece.
positive ramifications indeed.

Anonymous said...

My son attends Maugansville and is friends with one of Henry's sisters. The story about this family touched my heart. We raised money to donate, baked goods, and ran in the rain and played at the carnival. I am proud to be part of such a great community and I truely greatful that there are people out there like the Scheck's to bring something good out of such a tragic loss. They are very inspiring people.