Monday, March 30, 2009

Update: Believe in Tomorrow Port to Fort Race

Tara and I are overwhelmed by the number of people registering for the Believe in Tomorrow's Port to Fort Race in memory of Henry! Thank you all!

When I initially published the information in a prior post, I wasn't very clear on details. I actually did not realize that the P2F registration allowed 'teams'. I kind of thought it would be an informal thing. As it turns out, there are now three "Life is Fragile, Love is Not" teams! :) Additionally for some it seems somewhat unclear how to register and ensure placement on the team.

I've called the Believe in Tomorrow Foundation to see if they can merge the teams to avoid confusion. If you have yet to register, I've included some instructions at the end of the post. While Believe in Tomorrow encourages it, they do not require fund raising.

Finally, with registration you will receive a Port to Fort T-Shirt. Additionally, I've designed a "Life is Fragile, Love is Not" shirt that you can purchase separately if you wish.



Eventually this will be used for fund raising as well, but at this time these shirts are being sold at cost. If you want to purchase one of these, please go to:

We look forward to seeing you all down in Baltimore at the Museum of Industry on Race Day!

Registration Instructions:

If you've already registered and are not on our team - no worries. I think its mostly a convenience and show of solidarity. If you'd like to fix it though - please call 410-744-1032 and ask to speak to someone about the Port to Fort race.

1. Go to the registration site:
2. Click 'Register Online'
3. Click on the link in the middle that says - "Join a Team"
4. Select the Port to Fort event.
5. Continue to follow the registration instructions. There will be a page that asks whether you are on a corporate or community team. Select 'Yes' but omit the team name and captain.
6. As you continue you will eventually be presented with a page from which to enter a team name. Instead of entering the team name, pick "Show all teams." (a small link under the search box.)
7. Select "Life is Fragile, Love is Not" In Memory of Henry Keating Scheck. This is the team with the most members of the three Life is Fragile teams and the one to which I asked them to consolidate.
8. Complete your registration information.


Anonymous said...

Bryan, can't wait for the walk...thx for organizing this.

the krause house

Ashley from the Orthodontist said...

I was so excited to open the blog and see the awesome shirts you designed. I love it and it is just another special tribute to our hero and inspiration Henry. I can't wait for it to arrive. Yeah!!! Your family is truly amazing.
P.S Congrats to Anna for her Essay prize, What an awesome pic. in the paper.

Anonymous said...

please be sure to post when the t-shirts are available for fund raising - we're unable to make it to the 6k, so will wait to purchase until we know a portion of the proceeds are going to a good cause. not that a super-cool shirt isn't enough cause...

Granya said...

I placed a call to the number you suggested for those people who had already registered. It wasn't returned to me today.

So I followed the instructions for those who had not registered and "got it done".

Thanks for the help.

Granya said...

We got our T-shirts today. Very nice quality.
The "white" shirt shows off the printing and picture better than the "natural" color.