Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Life Remembered

My parents left this morning. The house is quiet and its just the four of us now. I didn't know what to expect to feel. I'm grateful to them for being here for us. Their leaving metaphorically ties up the last loose end before we must 'move on' and its hard.

I've noticed gray days are more difficult than sunny ones; quiet times more than busy ones. Sometimes, just as with his disease, things are matter of fact. He died, we've done what everything we could for him and to bring out of it the best things that we could discover in it. Other times we just miss him so.

This is not why I sat down to post. I sat down to let you know of an article in our local paper that was run today regarding Henry called, "A Life Remembered". Here is the link: A Life Remembered, Henry Keating Scheck


Anonymous said...

And those memories and tributes to Henry continue. What a hero.
This morning at Granya's church, we greated each other with "Henry's sign"- the "I love you" in sign language. Last night, Kristin taught me how that sign came to be....very cool.
Great article.

rlbates said...

Continue to keep you in my thoughts. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Your family continues to be in our family's thoughts and prayers. Thank you for letting us in on so much of your journey that has allowed us to be better parents and people.

We hope you can see the silver in the gray days and the peace in the quite moments, that is all Henry with you.

Sareen and Kevin Hebb

Anonymous said...

i think it's when the calm after the storm arrives that quiet grief and reality can become even more painful. take the time to mourn and miss him. and know that your family remains in our daily prayers during this time as you did during his entire challenge. you are blessed beyond measure.

Granya said...

I miss him so - riding in my convertible, raking leaves, eating popcorn and just remembering. Sometimes it's hard to believe that he's gone, even after his long struggle and journey and the final bedside vigil.

What an amazing little guy who touched so many, so profoundly. He made sure we would miss him.

Love, Granya

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful article in today's paper - another testemant as to how special Henry was. Granya said it best - he made sure we would miss him. As you move forward, please know that your friends and family will continue to be there for you on good days and on bad. May the bad ones be few and far between and may there be lots of sunny days ahead!

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Jen said...

That's a wonderful article, Bryan. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bryan,
I opened up the paper not expecting to find Henry's picture and article. It was so appropriate to see that such a wonderful boy who had just a short amount of time here and how he affected so many people. I have a feeling he will still be affecting people even though he is gone physically. I continue to think about you all and pray for you every day. Please know that we will all be here for you in the good days and bad days.
Gina,Craig,Corey and Carinna Householder

Moni Graf said...

Dear Scheck Family,
I came upon your blog via the BCCHS Aquila. Just wanted to let you know many prayers are being offered up by my family and the whole Bishop Carroll community.
This blog is a beautiful tribute to Henry and something your daughters will cherish even more so down the road. Thank you for sharing.

Billy, Monica and the Graf Quads
Wichita, KS