Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Memories

Today was another really wonderful day. I'm compelled to document these days of wonder because I suppose I will one day look back on them and wish for them. I returned my mother to the airport today after a really nice visit. The kids made her feel amply missed before she even left.

I returned home to a strangely empty house, but only for a few moments, as Tara and the kids came into the door with Christmas dinner fixings. The afternoon became a relaxing time with a few games and the kids occupying themselves effortlessly (how often does that happen?). Henry is enjoying video games more and he's been playing Monster Truck 4x4 and getting pretty good at it. He enjoys it primarily because you can pick your truck and they include firetrucks and "andylances".

The girls enjoyed using Henry's matchbox car track and shooting candy from the launchers, trying to aim at bowls as targets. I can't say that I didn't help come up with the idea and also had a hard time keeping from making suggestions for additional elaboration.

We sat down to dinner and laughed and told stories. The conversation spilled into family members, our history, kids births, weddings - we got out picture albums and reviewed them thoroughly. It was, really, a perfect evening. We returned to the living room for some more monster truck racing in front of the evening's fire.

After one yawn too many, we shuttled the kids up to bed for the girls' remaining days before holiday break. Henry was practically asleep in the chair, but pleasant nonetheless. Everyone went to sleep without a peep. I can't explain the immense gratitude that I have for this day and the people I spent it with.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! We hope that you have many, many more days like today. It's all about family and you guys seem to do that well. Thanks for sharing.

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Jen said...

I'm so glad that you're documenting everything, and sharing your days with the rest of us.

rlbates said...

Always enjoy hearing of your wonderful days together. Hope you have many more to document.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I was right there - what a wonderful evening and days you are having - Christmas blessing for all of you.
Linda and Val

Anonymous said...


I love your t-shirt!!! So glad to hear that you are all enjoying the holiday season and being with one another.