Friday, November 21, 2008

Day by Day

Henry had a truly wonderful day. We kept the girls home from school today to spend the last full day with their visiting Grandparents. We caught an early movie - Bolt - then went to lunch. We talked Henry into trying Boston Market in lieu of his 5th visit to Chick-fil-a this week. He's now convinced that Boston Market has 'the best chicken!'

We were visited by the third round of Hospice staff today. The amount of assistance available is wonderful. It's surreal, though, watching him laugh and play on the floor while discussing things with Hospice services.

Fortunately our current needs from the services offered don't demand much. We count ourselves ever so fortunate that Henry is feeling great. He continues to drop pounds and looks better each day. He is really in the best mood lately, finding everything gut-busting funny and laughing like he can't control himself. It's the absolute best sound in the world. He and the girls sat and played Mario Cart this afternoon for hours. Being good sisters, they let him win each time (well, almost every time...) and finally he stood up, chucked the steering wheel across the floor, threw up his hands and yelled "Yeah Me!", mimicking Anna's phony narcissism, "I won every time!" He joked and played and teased all evening, chuckling the entire time. When it came time for bed, it was clear he was tired, but had enjoyed the day so much he didn't want it to end either.

It was really a magical afternoon and evening. It was cold, but we had a fire, candles, wine, good music and family all about, and again, the laughter was golden.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful and magical day! Glad you were able to spend some quality time together. Yeah for Boston Market and a new favorite chicken. Hope the weekend continues with more happy memories.

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Anonymous said...

Does sound like a magical day. So glad for the laughter.
Hope Chick-fil-a's feelings aren't hurt.

beth smith said...

Aww..Does the heart good to see him in good happy for you guys.You started my day with a smile. may there be many of those beth

Anonymous said...

Such great reading! Definitely made me smile. I shared it with friends that keep you guys on their prayer list. Hope Henry continues to have great days filled with wonderful laughter! No better medicine for everyone!

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like everyone had a memorable day. Glad to hear that Henry's swelling is down and spirits are up! Constantly thinking of you all.


Anonymous said...

Cherish the moments!

Nancy S.

Granya said...

Can't wait to see you Henry!!! Not to mention S&A and your parents.

See you on Thursday.

Love, Granya