Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

Henry's four today! We're off to Hershey Park today to celebrate. Once again we'll be joined by some visiting family, cousins from Kansas.

It's been non-stop since we returned. Henry's been playing non-stop and his endurance continues to amaze (and tire) us all. A quick highlight from recent days - a good friend pulled some strings to get us into the pit before a local monster truck rally. Henry's eyes have never been bigger.

He now says he wants to be a monster truck driver instead of a garbage man...sorry Grandma Linda, maybe you can be in the pit crew. :)

A special thanks to everyone at Hagerstown Speedway and to all the terrific drivers for taking their time out to entertain us for the afternoon.


ms. t said...

Have a Happy 4th Birthday little Henry!!! Enjoy your special day with family and friends!

Ms. T

rlbates said...

Happy Birthday, Henry! Sure hope it's a great one!

Anonymous said...


Nancy S.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great time at Hershey!!! Your pictures from the monster trucks made us smile big time!

Terra S.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY! You are such a big boy now that you are 4.
We hope that you had a wonderful day at Hershey Park - can't wait to hear all about!

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY HENRY!!!! Hope your day is as special as you are.


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Birthday. I just got your address from Grandma Linda so your card is going to be a few days late. I love the pictures.

Judi Brack Johnson - a cousin of your Grandpa Rod's from hot hot Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Henry, I think a monster truck driver is a great profession.

momsapilot said...

Happy birthday, Henry! Alexis sends you a big hug from Indiana where she is visiting her grandparents.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY!! I know you had a great day! Love the monster truck pictures!

We love you.
Cousins Susan H, Kendall and Cody

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! The Monster Truck pictures were great--I can only imagine how excited henry was.
Hugs and Kisses!
Susan V.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Henry! You had a lot to celebrate this year.

Lots of birthday love and hugs to you,
Wayne, Shirley, Sophia, and Fiona