Monday, July 28, 2008

Catching Up

Henry's birthday was terrific fun. His cousins and sisters all went along with us to Hershey Park and we were lucky enough to have fine weather - ok, maybe a little hot...but we're not complaining!

While Henry still cannot get his chest wet, we did venture onto the Canyon River Rapids. We have small transparent water barriers to place over his catheter site, which have proven to be effective and relatively comfortable to him. Despite the wait in line, he loved the ride and enjoyed getting wet and watching everyone else get the same.

Beyond that we all rode the small roller coaster together. The little boys - Henry and his cousin, Reuben - spend a lot of time on the smaller rides that I can only guess, tapped their imagination of riding in big trucks, airplanes and the like as they rode on them over and over!

My mom and Tara took Henry for the afternoon while the rest of us played in the more intense water area. It was very crowded and there was just too great a chance for submersion for Henry. It was a refreshing way to spend the afternoon and Henry didn't complain much at all for not participating that way. We finished the day with a short sea lion theater show which was very entertaining.

We all had a great time and didn't get back so late as to completely spoil the next day. We didn't make it to Chocolate World, much to the disappointment of the adults, but perhaps it will merit another trip at a later date. :)


Granya said...

Count me IN for the chocolate trip.
Sorry I missed this one.

Glad you all had a good day and good weather.


rlbates said...

Looks like a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! Next time you'll have to hit Chocolate World and Henry will be able to enjoy all of the water stuff too! Amusement parks are a great way to spend a summer day!

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and I sure would like to be part of the trip to Chocolate World next time! YUM!
Cody would stay there all day!!

Thanks for sharing!

Cousin Susan H.