Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kung Fu Henry

What a difference a week makes!

Henry is sailing through radiation this week. He's eating two poptarts before he even leaves recovery, then asking for food. All. Day. Long. It's been fabulous.

He's so full of energy that he only spends a third of his time with both feet on the ground. Due to his newfound lankiness (not to mention the whole brain tumor thing) he is no longer the most coordinated kid on the block, so his efforts at achieving weightlessness have us a little on edge from all the falls. Other than the blue mark on his cheek that looks like we took after him with a baseball bat, he's been unscathed. So far.

He was feeling well enough this week to go see Kung Fu Panda at the theatre. "Woah" was the operative word.

We are so so grateful that he's doing better. He's excited to come home, and after tomorrow morning's treatment will hop in the car and head west.

Thank you all for checking in on him!!


Granya said...


This is such GOOD NEWS~~~ I can hear the "whoa".

Please repost ALEX's LEMONADE STAND intermittently lest interest will be lost.

See you soon,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! We're so proud of you Henry. Can't wait to see you running around this weekend! Sounds like you're giving Samantha a run for her money with boo boos. Be careful!

Love, Julie, Brad, Patrick, Andrew and Samantha

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news. I'm glad everything is going well and u all will be home for the weekend. Sounds like your going to be in need of lots and lots of bandaids for the boo boos. It's amazing what a bandaid can do.

Love, Shelly

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved to know this week has gone so much better! YEAH!
Enjoy the weekend.

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

great news Schecks.
Glad you are heading home tomorrow.