Sunday, June 8, 2008

Better Weekend

It's amazing what a little rest and some home time will do. Henry has perked up considerably. His mood has returned to normal and he's beginning to eat and drink a bit more. Yesterday morning he played with his sister - she was his 'dolphin' in the bath tub - after about 45 minutes of independent playing he wandered out with his shoulders slumped forward. "Sophie weared me all out" He laid down on the couch and slept for another two hours.

Today is shaping up to be similar. He's up and dressed and feeling good. We'll try to get him out for a while and tempt his appetite this morning with a cinnamon roll from Panera. He's asking to play in the sprinkler since it's a hot day. We've promised him that since he can't go swimming this summer, he's allowed to mess with the hose whenever he wants to. I think he's likely to take us up on that.


Anonymous said...

So glad the weekend is going better! We are sending our love and prayers to Henry and each of you daily!
We love you all!

Cousin Susan H.

Anonymous said...

Take full advantage of getting to play with the water hose Henry! Hope you had a great weekend. Always thinking of you.


GRAnya said...

Glad to hear of this weekend's positive progress.

All my love to you SCHECKS.

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry and family, I was at Rehobath with girlfriends this weekend and had a fantastic time.
So glad that you had time at the beach a few weekends ago.
Sorry that the radiation treatments were tough ones. Hope this next week treats you better.
thinking of all of the Schecks.

Anonymous said...

I am glad school is out and your sisters can spend some time with you.Have fun with the hose---wet them all down.
Hugs and Kisses,
Susan Peeples Vallotton

ms.t said...

Just letting you know that I have you on my mind. Sure hoping and praying that your tummy doesn't get sick after radiation this week. Just rest and before you know it, Saturday will be here and you'll be jumping in and out of that sprinkler!

Stay positive you Schecks!

Ms. t