Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Abundant Charity

We've been overwhelmed by the generosity of both friends and strangers since Henry's death. It's made us so much more aware of the private side of generosity, being the subject of it. We receive notes of support, gifts of people's time, and volumes of names from the charities we've designated referencing the donations made in Henry's memory. We're moved by the generosity of those touched by Henry's story and are comforted by the fact his life still radiates and raises awareness of childhood cancers in order that those walking that path have some measure of additional support and improvement in outcomes for it.

Most recently, there have been several family friends politely ask us if we would be willing to let them receive donations in Henry's name in lieu of gifts at special occasions, substituting birthday gifts for example with a donation made to Alex's Lemonade Stand. We humbly agree and are encouraged and amazed by the trend. One such event recently brought over $500 to ALSF.

The latest such event has touched us in a special way. A childhood friend of Tara's has requested that instead of gifts for her new baby, that donations be made in Henry's memory. Charity takes on so many facets. The love, care and support that this shows is reflected in not only those donating, but so deeply in the family asking. Thank you Sandee. Any request on my part for donations after all people have done for us is difficult for me, but if you are moved to donate for this, donations are requested to go to Henry's Lemonade Stand Site.

Regarding the abundance of charity of late is also an update on the Henry's Hustle event. The mile race was fun in the rain, the games were entertaining for all involved and the number of people who came to volunteer their time was astounding in itself. The donations are enough to blow your mind. Altogether charitable donations for the event exceeded $18,000. This included a substantial amount of individual donations solicited by the school children and their families, as well as corporate donations of food, prizes and profits from sales. I attended the ceremony on the last day of school where the top earners were rewarded and several of the male teachers donned dresses as promised as incentive for reaching (and far exceeding!) their goal of $5000. It was entertaining for all involved and a happy conclusion to a wonderful community outpouring of support.

Finally, among the several Lemonade Stands held in Henry's memory since his passing (Tri-State Community Health, Searcy Birthday Party, Henry's Hustle) there are a couple notable ones coming up.

  • Cranberry Twp, PA - This coming Saturday, for those living in Pittsburgh or nearby, hosted by the children of a former coworker. Click here for more information or to donate.

  • Longmeadow Mile Long Yard Sale - This was the original location we'd held our stand last summer with Henry. We will be doing it again over this 4th of July as will another friend along the sale route.

  • Ongoing T-Shirt Sales - at www.CafePress.com/LifeIsFragile
    I intend to continue designing shirts & other items, all of the proceeds from which will go directly to Alex's Lemonade Stand. The current shirt has the following image:

We're ever so grateful and feel unable to express our thanks for the continuing generosity and dedication to the cause of awareness of and research for childhood cancers in Henry's memory.


Granya said...

Thank you Sandee who is a voice from a very distant past - a heart that is touched by Henry's story and Henry's family, here and now.

The illness and death of Henry has taught me so profoundly the impact of other people caring and sharing, be it words, hugs, donations or other unselfish acts.

PAYING IT FORWARD is something that we ALL can do, and really, almost ALL that we can do.

Anonymous said...

Obviously I wish there was something more I could have done for Henry, but hopefully it will help another child in the future. You guys are an amazing family and never far from my thoughts.