Thursday, April 16, 2009

Henry's Hustle

The local Elementary School, Maugansville ES, where Anna and Sophie attend, have announced that they are planning a fundraiser in memory of Henry to benefit the charity of our choice. We've elected to have the funds donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand.

They've set up an online donation center at ALSF and have a website for the event as well. There will be a carnival, a race and a blood drive all to be held at the school on Saturday, May 16th.

We're grateful and exceedingly honored to be supported by the school and community in this way and are excited to enjoy the day with family and friends if you're able to attend.

Henry's Hustle Website:
ALSF Donation Site:


Anonymous said...

We're going to be there with our running shoes on...ready to Hustle for Henry! What a wonderful expression of support from Maugansville Elementary, it makes us happy to be a part of such a loving school.

You continue to be in our family's daily prayers,
Sareen, Kevin, Adam and Rachel Hebb

Anonymous said...

Great tribute to Henry. You are in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a fun day. My family and I are looking forward to it. :)

Tachyon said...

I want to let you know, Henry's family, that I check on all of you every night. I found this blog last October when I was on hiatus from nursing school.
I'm back in school now, at the top of my class, and am gathering materials for clinicals. My husband recently abandoned my son and me after he was diagnosed with several mental illnesses. I have very little money, but as soon as I get a few more dollars, you can be certain that I take my things to clinicals in one of your beautiful "Life is fragile, love is not" totes.
I will definitely be spending a portion of my nursing career as a pediatric oncology nurse. Henry, as well as your beautiful family, has had an incredible impact on my life.

My thoughts are with all of you.