Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Day at a Time

After fiddling with doses of medications for several days and finishing with his chemotherapy, a pattern seems to be emerging to Henry's mood. He sleeps pretty well overnight and has a solid nap in the afternoon. He's happy in the morning and his anxiety level has dropped a bit, allowing us to give him fewer medicines to ease his tension. Since his chemotherapy has finished, we're only administering an increased dose of steroids and some anti-nausea medication as needed.

His appetite has improved significantly, extending to chicken nuggets (Chick-fil-a, of course) and pancakes. This along with sleep is a good cycle for him to be in at present bringing a bit more energy and mood regularity. He can be engaged with play for a few hours a day, but after a while it seems a heavy effort for him. He can be comfortable most of the time either watching TV or listening to stories. He's quick to let us know when he's ready for bed.

Over this past weekend we had a visit from my mother and brother from Kansas. It was wonderful to have their presence in the house as we spent some wonderful time together. Henry enjoyed seeing them both and quickly rekindled his relationship with his Grandmother who's spent so much time here caring for our family.

Tomorrow we venture back to Baltimore for a follow up clinic appointment to check his status before our trip. At the beginning of the week, we were highly uncertain of the value of the trip for him with his state of being, but are very encouraged by the recent change. It lifts his mood and our spirits. So we're planning to go on our trip still and are hoping to create some long lasting memories of quality family time.

Tara and I want to thank each of you who've offered any form of support to us right now. Our energies are consumed by keeping our family on course and that energy comes from the love we feel from our friends and family.


Anonymous said...

I wish you the best of luck at the followup appointment and I can't wait to hear of the adventures at Disney. You all are very speciala nd deserve this time with each other.

Lots of love & prayers,
Tanya Farris & Family

Anonymous said...

Have THE BEST TIME at Disney!!! Can't wait to hear all about it & see the pictures.

Love you guys...

Gwen & the gang
Benton, KS

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and hearts are with Henry and the Scheck family-- hoping for the best.
Enjoy your WDW trip. Have some good family fun!

Anonymous said...

Tara and family,
Just to drop a few lines to let u know i check on the blog regularly to see how u all r doing and my heart certainly goes out to each and everyone of u. I really don't know what to say other than I think of u all always and i always will. Have a great trip, like said by many u all deserve this trip and lots and lots of family time.
Love Shelly

Anonymous said...


I am so glad you are going on your make a wish trip, that organization is wonderful, you will have wonderful family time an da life time memories. My son took his last year and we still talk about it and we have lots of pictures to look at and help us through the tough time. During the trip my son forgot about his pains, his problems and had stars in his eyes every night, we could not have ask for anything better. Also if you have a medical emergency, they can help you you do not have to worry about anything so you get to relax, which was a plus for me, I knew that help was only a phone call away. Please have a great time, no matter what and you will have life time memories.

Anonymous said...

Brian, Tara, Henry, Anna & Sophie

My heart goes out to you and I can't even imagine how heavy your heart must be after receiving the latest news. You are such a great family and I know that with each other you will be able to endure this time. Have a great trip to Disney and as everyone has said, we will all look forward to the pictures of your memorable family time together.

Judi Brack Johnson - Kansas cousin

Daisha said...

Tara and Family

Best of luck to you on your appt tomorrow and I hope that you have a great time in Florida. I check your website everyday and love the pictures you post Please keep this up. I'm always thinking about you and your famiy.


Anonymous said...

We hug a little tighter and for a little longer because life is precious. We think of you all so often. You are an inspiration.
Love, the Baillie Family in England

beth smith said...

Hoping you guys the best in Disney you deserve nothing less. So glad to see little Henry feeling ok I guess would be the word. Just know your family is so in my heart, my thoughts and so dearly in my prayers...Take lots and lots of pictures.we love to see them too..:) love in christ beth

GinaMarie said...

Praying today's appt confirmed your feelings and that Henry is doing well. Im glad to hear he is eating better. Im glad your mom and brother are able to spend some time with you all and with Henry.
Praying for all of you.
Gina Marie